EXCELLER is a business development company focusing on life science technology. We are involved in early stage technology companies and have international partners with access to international markets.

We are developing the 37 ºC – Life Science Technology & Business Conference Stavanger Forum in Norway in partnership with Stavanger Forum and Kenes Exhibitions.

First edition: 6th-7th June 2017

Second edition: 19th-20th June 2018


Hydromer, USA

Hydromer is an innovative, biotechnology focused company engaged in the business of inventing, developing, patenting, licensing, manufacturing and selling hydrophilic polymer-based products and services. We serve the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Animal Health, Biotechnology, Industrial Plastics, and Cosmetic and Personal Care Markets and are focused into these technology areas: Medical Coating & Services, Medical Hydrogels & Foams, Cosmetics & Personal Care, T-Hexx Animal Health, Anti-Fog Industrial Coatings and Sea-Slide Watercraft Coating.