Combining strategy consulting & business acceleration


We deploy the expertise and tools of strategy consulting, paired with an entrepreneurial mindset and hands-on approach of a start-up.


mediq fosters creative problem solving with a strong focus on market dynamics, end users and regulatory authorities. We follow a concept to completion approach, that ensures our strategies are implementable working solutions.

01 Market Entry Strategy

Market assessment
An assessment of the current market situation will identify the most promising segments and serve as the basis for further strategic planning. Within the field of innovation, especially discontinuous innovation, the lack of reliable data constitutes a major risk for strategic decision making. The necessary insights and data can only be accessed and understood through primary research, in form of a dialogue with KOLs and experts within the targeted ecosystems.


Strategy Development
Having identified the innovators and potential early adopters, the team can immediately continue by planning the clinical validation and early sales strategy. Our marketing and sales experts will ensure the clinical validation will lead to the most efficient path for targeting the early majority of end-users. Continuous KOL liaison management plays a key role in this phase which will also be supported by mediq.


02 Clinical & Marketing Strategy

Clinical Validation
mediq offers the planning and managing of clinical studies and trials. Our partnership with leading clinical trial centers enable our team to approach the client ́s challenge in the most efficient way while integrating it into the business strategy. In addition to trial design and project management we conduct site management and monitoring, data management, statistical analysis and medical writing.


Scientific Marketing Strategy
Demand for the new technology is driven by end- users, patients and KOLs and influenced by regulatory bodies. mediq ensures that the specific needs of all stakeholders are addressed with different marketing messages and tools.

03 Business Development

Marketing Channel Development
Developing and managing a marketing channel system is among the most critical activities performed by management. mediq will identify and evaluate potential channels and commercial partners and support the client in the process of implementation.


Trainings & Education
Training and motivating selected intermediaries is key for successfully implementing a marketing channel system. The objective is to build long-term partnerships with all channel members while ensuring attractive profitability. mediq ́s unique approach to training and education includes close cooperation with end users and sales experts while deploying the latest digital solutions.


04 Long-Term Engagements

Long-term solutions
mediq offers long term engagements and supports the client company with services ranging from legal representation to logistics and interim sales force support. We focus all resources on the highest-impact areas and offer full cost control trough agile project management and staged investment contracts. mediq ́s team will always take full ownership of the challenges and go the long way to ensure success for our clients.