Europe’s health market is the second biggest in the world. Germany’s is third.

In most cases, Germany is the gateway to Europe.

mediq helps you to overcome all hurdles to address both.




market entry projects for international med-techstartups and life sciences corporates


success rate

On your journey to market, mediq will navigate you through seven crucial route sections…

analyze markets

We analyze your market thoroughly and clarify the requirements of insurers and regulatory bodies

reiterate technology

We help you to reiterate your technology and product to the needs of the German and European markets, together with our vast network of key opinion leaders

finding partners

We find suitable partners for engineering and production (just in case you don’t already have them)

optimizing strategy

We offer you our expertise in optimizing your clinical strategy, your business model, your pricing, and your financial planning

support investment

We support you on all investment issues: valuations, equity pitches, investor roadshows and investor relations. And of course, we often help to orchestrate a good exit for founders

assist clinical development

We assist you with your clinical development, especially study design and study management, recruiting study participants and scientific marketing

foster growth

We stay your trusted partners when you want to scale your business after market-entry. We support you in marketing, building and training a sales-force and developing sales channels

work examples

In the past fifteen years, we have sucessfully guided 55 market entry projects for international med-tech startups and life sciences corporates. We advised clients with sucess rate of 94,3% based on thoroughly researched market insights, proven methods, expert knowledge, and tapping our network of trusted experts.

Case 1
Fast tracking reimbursement for new homecare device

We developed a reimbursement strategy for a new MedTech homecare device, by focusing on systemic deficits in current treatments. The fast acceptance by leading insurers allowed the company to start commercializing its technology.

Case 2
Innovative business model for cell therapy manufacturing

We worked with a NASDAQ-listed Biotech company to design a business model for their point-of-care cell therapy manufacturing technology, including co-development and license sharing of innovative therapies. The strong customer value proposition drove the subsequent rollout at world leading sites in US and Europe, positively impacting shareholder value.

Case 3
Early sales for eHealth startup

We created a market entry strategy for an Israeli voice analytics start-up, including identification of foothold segments and early adopters. A strong socioeconomic value case helped us win investment from German health insurers, accelerating time to first revenue for the company.

Case 4
Pivoting an AI analytics startup

We led a crucial pivot for Norwegian AI analytics startup, by creating a spinoff product and new business model. The new product’s value proposition was embraced by hospitals, and our business plan resulted to new VC investment and public grants totaling €5m.

Entering the European Health Market can be complicated.

mediq will guide you.

With experience. With expertise. With commitment.


Our managing team
Marketing & Business Development

Jan Wende

  • Founded mediq Innovation Experts
  • 12 years ago with locations in Germany, Israel and Norway
  • More than 15 years of consulting experience in the life sciences and healthcare industry
  • Deep understanding of relevant innovation & business topics, including market entry strategy & capital raise
  • Established 11 new healthcare standards and introduced disruptive technologies in a variety of segments
  • Oversaw several multi-million exits
Technology & Finance

Gunnar Hesse

  • Held management positions in leading international strategy consulting firm in the M&A and strategy practice
  • Former regional board member in large international med-tech firm
  • Exceptional expertise in M&A transactions in pharma and med-tech industry
  • Expert for strategy, finance, and private equity buy-outs in Life Sciences
  • Experienced in organization and operations strategy, as well as hospital operations across various geographies
  • Holds veterinary medicine degree and MBA
Our innovation experts
Director Nordics

Arne Hansson Rannestad

  • Founder and Managing Partner of Exceller AS and the 37 °C Health Tech Business Conference
  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Headroom Life Science AS which is developing a simulator for emergency medical call centers
  • 17 years experience as CEO and business developer including 5 years focused on Nordic health tech
  • Army Medical Officer in the Norwegian Army
  • Master of Science and Technology
Project manager

Marina Lerch

  • Expert for business development in life science and healthcare
  • Clinical expertise in wound care, PAOD, diabetic foot
  • Designed and managed clinical trials
  • Led development and implementation of reimbursement strategies
  • Former manager at governmental economic development agency with focus on capital raise for innovation and startups
  • Holds a degree in International Management
Project Manager

Patrick Ott

Experienced consultant in the areas of corporate restructuring, transformation and turnaround advisory
Proven expertise in working capital optimization and sustainable EBIT improvement
Strong track record in the leadership of projects in revenue enhancement and the accompanying change management activities
Holds degree in Business as well as diploma in Finance and LL.M. in corporate restructuring
Project Manager

Dilara Häberle-Kochkarova

  • Over 10 years’ experience in international projects, focused on equipping hospitals, health care facilities and aesthetic centers
  • Led projects in Central Asia, China, Vietnam, and Tanzania
  • Managed DFI- and NGO- financed projects
  • Experienced in project management, foreign trade, purchasing and logistic
  • Holds degree in engineering and an MBA
  • Speaks 6 languages
Project Manager

Luca La Verghetta

  • Multiple years of working experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry (RX, OTC, Med. Devices) for DACH and Nordics markets.
  • An Entrepreneurial mind, passionate about all kind of impactful Innovation.
  • Acted as Founder of a sustainability business in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Holds management degrees from RWTH Aachen and University of Mannheim, enriched by exchange studies in the UK and China.
Working Student

Darko Josipovic

Our strategy experts
Senior Advisor Technology

Roman Rosenkranz

clinical strategy

Prof. Heiko von der Leyen, MD

  • Medical Director, Orgenesis, Inc
  • Co-founder and former managing director of Hannover Clinical Trial Center GmbH (HCTC)
  • Held several top management positions in the biotech industry with focus on clinical development of advanced therapy medicinal products
  • Training in pharmacology, internal medicine, cardiology at University of Hamburg and Hannover Medical School; board certification in Internal Medicine
  • Former junior faculty member of Stanford University Cardiovascular Medicine
financial markets

Jens-Peter Neumann

  • 20-year career in capital markets and asset management in Frankfurt, London and New York
  • Set up and ran a hedge fund for leading bank
  • Former board member of an investment fund group
  • Former Chairman of an ETF company and various advisory functions for pension funds
  • Former CFO for a large German hospital group where he set up and ran corporate VC arm, investing in med tech and digital health
care networks and reimbursement

Uwe Imkamp

  • Advisor to the leadership of leading German health insurers on integrated care concepts
  • Board member of the German Society
    for Citizen-Oriented Care Management
  • Nation-wide respected expert for reimbursement
  • Advisory board member of a major national care network
  • Member of the national conference “Results measurement and benefit assessment in the care of chronic patients”
nursing care

Ernst-Herrmann Steinfeld

  • 35 years of experience in care directorship at a major university hospital in Germany
  • Instructor for care professions and training for care directorate
  • Successfully introduced various medical products in the German market over the last 15 years
  • Specialist care professional for anesthetics and intensive care
nursing care

Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg

  • 40 years’ experience in healthcare
  • 25 years’ experience as Managing Director of Nursing and education at leading university hospitals
  • 15 years’ experience in consulting with focus on technology, risk management, organizational development and education
  • Visiting professor at Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China
  • President of European Nurse Directors association, EFQM assessor
  • Degree in Care & Health Management

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